At Holmefield we recommend regular worm treatments to protect your pets and family.

Worms are parasites that can live inside your pet, often without you knowing. Worms left untreated can seriously endanger or even result in the death of your pet. Some worms can pass from pets to people through grooming, stroking and the environment. Children, the elderly and those with reduced immune systems are most at risk. Whilst most human infections cause only minor symptoms, rare cases can lead to serious conditions such as blindness and epilepsy.

We recommend that puppies and kittens are treated monthly until they are six months old and then every three months thereafter.


If you have children, elderly people or someone with a reduced immune system in your household you may choose to worm your pet monthly as they are at greater risk from infection. Dogs and cats that scavenge may also need to be wormed monthly.

We stock a range of reliable wormers with proven efficacy- please call in or ring to discuss the best treatments available for your pet.

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