We have the keys to our new extension!

After 6 months of hard work, our building team have completed our long awaited extension and we couldn’t be more delighted. We have moved lock, stock and barrel into the extension to vacate our original building, so that the builders can now concentrate their efforts on a full renovation programme there, which will begin with replacing the roof.

We are very conscious that this next phase of our improvements will regrettably result in some inconvenience for you as clients but we are doing everything we can to minimize disruption and remain committed to delivering our usual high standards of service. Once our building project is completed (anticipated for October) the ‘new look’ surgery will bring all manner of benefits for our patients and we are confident that the short term ‘pain’ will be more than out-weighed by the long term gain.

Our reception and consulting rooms have taken up temporary residence in what will eventually be staff accommodation but our team will be on hand to direct you to the new facilities when you arrive.

We are currently using the staff room upstairs as a temporary waiting room.

We have a wonderful new Prep Room, which is really the central hub of our surgical facilities, with all other clinical rooms leading from this area. It is large, bright and airy, offering an ideal working environment for our team and is spacious enough to allow for blood sampling, induction of anaesthesia, preparation for surgery, bandage changes and so much more. As with all other clinical rooms, the walls are lined with a super hygienic and washable surface which will enable us to maintain better infection control.

Prep room

We are now lucky enough to have 2 dedicated operating theatres, both of which have the luxury of a ‘pass through’ window, so that once surgery is underway, equipment and materials can be passed into theatre without the need for opening doors. This reduces airflow and temperature changes within theatre, thus enhancing sterility and the surgical environment within. Through careful control of air pressures between our theatres and prep room, air flow into theatre is prevented so as to minimize the chance of hair or any airbourne agents entering the controlled clean environment.


Our new imaging room is home to our x-ray and ultrasound equipment.

We have invested in a new Bucky table, which has a floating top that allows us to easily move patients for optimal x-ray positioning. In addition the x-ray plate is housed under the table rather than needing to be positioned directly beneath the patient, thus improving the comfort of our patients during the procedure.

All our x-rays are then digitally processed and viewed electronically, so we can highlight areas of interest in greater detail. The x-ray processor talks to our practice management software so we can also attach each image electronically to individual patient records meaning they are easy to recall during future examinations.

Both x-ray and ultrasound are invaluable diagnostic tools and while they have differing benefits, some patients require both techniques to enable us to reach a diagnosis or formulate an effective treatment plan. Therefore, having everything in the one room improves efficiency and reduces the need for moving patients during procedures.

Our full range of in-house laboratory equipment has taken up temporary residence in the prep room, awaiting relocation back into our renovated laboratory at the end of the building project. This equipment allows us to analyse blood and urine samples from our patients straight away, rather than sending them to remote labs thus reducing turn-around times for reaching a diagnosis.

We do however still need to send some samples to a local laboratory – for example, swabs requiring bacterial culture and testing to establish effective antibiotics and lumps that have been removed and need histological assessment, as these are specialist techniques that are beyond our expertise.

We have a spacious, bright and airy new dog ward with kennels of varying sizes to accommodate all shapes and breeds, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. This is situated directly off our Prep Room so is easily accessible and visible, thus ensuring our nursing team are always on hand to monitor patient progress.

We have the facility to provide oxygen therapy if necessary within the kennel environment and whilst the demand for this is not routine, it is available for emergency and critical care purposes.

We are eagerly awaiting a comparable new cat ward, coming soon in the next phase of our renovation.

We also have a small isolation facility to enable us to treat patients with suspected or known infectious diseases. When barrier nursing is required, this unit can be viewed through an internal window from our Prep Room, so patients can be visually assessed on a frequent basis without the need for our nurses to always access the room on every occasion. This is immensely helpful not only for the patients concerned but also to reduce the risk of infection transfer throughout the rest of the surgery.


And then there is ‘Mission Control’!

Plant room

We all tend to take it for granted that there will be hot water in the taps when we want it and radiators will spring into life when it is cold outside. In fact, maintaining a suitable environment is not only critical for our patients both during surgery and times of illness but also to ensure a comfortable working environment for our team.  Our new central heating and water systems are nothing if not impressive, though we cannot claim to begin to understand how it all works. Thankfully we know a man who does!