Veterinary Surgeons

Suzanne Young MRCVS- Veterinary Surgeon.

Owning my own dog as a teenager really cemented my desire to be a vet and care for animals. I enjoyed working on farms in the holidays and had a job at the local guard dog kennels as well as helping out at a riding school. In between school and university I passed a BHS qualification that meant I can teach riding-though I had not had my own horse at that time.I qualified from Edinburgh in 1985 I went into large animal practice in Scotland-up in the glens- after which I came down south and have worked in two mixed practices in Yorkshire. The move to Holmefield and the opportunity to concentrate on small animal medicine five years ago was welcome as I enjoy preventative health and investigative medicine.My particular interests are ophthalmology, osteoarthritis and pain relief as well as care of the geriatric patient.I have three dogs, Rusty, Titch and Tuffie all terrier crosses and enjoy long walks with them. I take the smallest, Titch, to dog agility classes which is fun- her legs are short enough that I can keep up with her! Having recently lost my elderly horse, Chip, I now find I have more time (to walk the dogs) and to go running. The days of playing rugby and doing kick boxing are long gone so yoga and ballet continue to keep me more mobile.

Staffphoto Leanne Hall MRCVS- Veterinary Surgeon.

I have worked at Holmefield since I graduated from the University of Bristol in 2010. I can’t remember ever deciding that I wanted to become a vet; it was just always what I was going to do! I love the fact that every day I get to work with animals and get to know the people that own them. Though I enjoy all aspects of the job my favourite areas are surgery and imaging.When growing up we always had a dog and it was something I definitely missed whilst I was away at vet school. I managed to last a whole year after graduating before I gave in; I got a 7 year old rescue greyhound called Nancy. Taking her on walks out and about in the sunshine (and the rain) certainly helps to wind down after finishing work. When she isn’t being walked Nancy can invariably be found doing her other favourite past times…sleeping or eating! In fact she has a reputation at work as being a bit of a food thief having stolen a sandwich, a banana, cat food, diarrhoea tablets, a pasty, digestive biscuits, ryvita and beef flavoured anti-inflammatory tablets to name a few!! I have so far managed to resist the temptation to start a menagerie of animals (mainly thanks to my landlord allowing only one pet!) though I would be lying if I said I hadn’t been tempted a few times.

Victoria Melville MRCVS – Veterinary Surgeon
Ashley Steels MRCVS- Veterinary Surgeon
Jamie-Lee Bradley MRCVS – Veterinary Surgeon
Nichole Madill MRCVS – Veterinary Surgeon
Fiona Brennan MRCVS- Veterinary Surgeon
Zaila Dunbar MRCVS- Veterinary Surgeon