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  Our friendly team are happy to help you with all your pet care needs!

Louise Davison MRCVS- Veterinary Surgeon/Company Director.

Having grown up in a farming family near York and spending most of my free time as a child outside with either horses or dogs (or preferably both), a career in veterinary medicine was always my dream.I first came to Holmefield as a final year student to gain experience in pig medicine (as the practice in those days was a traditional mixed practice) and was delighted to join the team a year later as a ‘fledgling vet’ in July 1994. Having worked my way through the ranks and found myself as director of the company, I now spend the majority of my time in a management role but still thrive on the time I spend doing the ‘real veterinary work’ I love. I still get a buzz from working with animals and their owners every day and feel lucky to have spent my whole working life at Holmefield.Like most vets, I have also surrounded myself with animals at home. I love nothing more than a ride out with only my horse Mabel and 2 labradors, Sonic and Fletcher, for company and I still maintain a link with my farming roots. We have a small flock of sheep at home and along with my husband and 2 children, thoroughly enjoy the annual highs (and occasional lows) of the lambing season. The family is completed with 3 cats (Spencer, Cheeky and Tango), a pony (Coco) and 2 pygmy goats (Nettle and Popcorn) and whilst there is no immediate intention to expand the motley crew, you can never say never!

Helen McHugh Helen McHugh RVN – Practice Manager.

Winner of Practice Manager of the Year, Pet Plan Awards 2018

I joined Holmefield in 1997 as an Animal nursing assistant.  Holmefield kindly put me through my nursing training and I graduated in 2003 as a Qualified Veterinary Nurse.  Apart from the Surgery and diagnosis that I will happily leave to the vets, I have done all other roles in the practice which has served me well in my management role.  I became Practice Manager in 2004 but still keep my nursing skills up to date In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my young family.  We are lucky enough to rent a field near our home where we keep Hebridean sheep, free range chickens and the occasional rare breed pig which are all kept in check by our fell terrier ‘Parker’.

alex profile pic  Alex Clifton – RVN – Head Veterinary Nurse (Brayton and Sherburn-in-Elmet)

At the age of four I was lucky enough to live on a small holding and my father bought a pony, I think his initial idea was an easy way to avoid cutting the lawn! But I was very taken with the new lawn mower and over the years my parents had to keep upgrading the lawn mowers until we reached Tasha! My first horse, a beautiful chestnut mare and my best friend. My teenage highlight was competing against the show jumping legend Harvey Smith. This era also brought about my first connection with Holmefield, known then as Forsythe and Mazonas. Mr Mazonas took care of Tasha our five dogs and three cats and Mr Forsythe looked after my father’s pigs. Inevitably after leaving school my first job was with horses. I spent several years in the equine industry including a year in the USA working in Chicago and Kentucky with children and horses, two things I hear you should never do! But I loved it. After returning from the USA I was lucky enough to gain a position in Leeds as a trainee veterinary nurse (I am sure Mr Mazonas reference had a lot to do with this) and I qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 1997. After working in a mixed practice for several years in York I gained a position at Holmefield vets in 2004 working   at the branch practice in Sherburn. After spending several happy years there I decided to spend more time with my two wonderful children and took a part time lecturing position at Askham Bryan College.In 2009 I qualified as an assessor and worked in Equine Practice for several years.I spent two years working for the PDSA charity practice before resuming my connection with Holmefield Vets as Head Nurse in January 2013.

 profile JH Julie Harrand – Head Receptionist. 

I joined Holmefield in 2013. It is a really friendly team that I feel very lucky to have joined. Prior to this I worked in the marketing department for a veterinary pharmaceutical company. I have also done student support in a local high school, reception and marketing for Mercedes and I ran my own outdoor retail company for nearly 20 years. My last dog Breck, named after a ski holiday in Breckenridge Colorado, was a crazy rescue collie cross flat coat who joined me in my passion for hill walking. I have had two rescue cats. The last one, Lucy, was a stray with an injured leg that I was persuaded to take home. I was recovering from knee surgery at the time so we were a perfect match.  My other interests include millinery, painting and skiing.

Suzanne Young MRCVS- Veterinary Surgeon.

Owning my own dog as a teenager really cemented my desire to be a vet and care for animals. I enjoyed working on farms in the holidays and had a job at the local guard dog kennels as well as helping out at a riding school. In between school and university I passed a BHS qualification that meant I can teach riding-though I had not had my own horse at that time.I qualified from Edinburgh in 1985 I went into large animal practice in Scotland-up in the glens- after which I came down south and have worked in two  mixed practices in Yorkshire. The move to Holmefield and the opportunity to concentrate on small animal medicine five years ago was welcome as I enjoy preventative health and investigative medicine.My particular interests are ophthalmology, osteoarthritis and pain relief as well as care of the geriatric patient.I have three dogs, Rusty, Titch and Tuffie all terrier crosses and enjoy long walks with them. I take the smallest, Titch, to dog agility classes which is fun- her legs are short enough that I can keep up with her! Having recently lost my elderly horse, Chip, I now find I have more time (to walk the dogs) and to go running. The days of playing rugby and doing kick boxing are long gone so yoga and ballet continue to keep me more mobile.

Staffphoto Leanne Hall MRCVS- Veterinary Surgeon. 

I have worked at Holmefield since I graduated from the University of Bristol in 2010. I can’t remember ever deciding that I wanted to become a vet; it was just always what I was going to do! I love the fact that every day I get to work with animals and get to know the people that own them. Though I enjoy all aspects of the job my favourite areas are surgery and imaging.When growing up we always had a dog and it was something I definitely missed whilst I was away at vet school. I managed to last a whole year after graduating before I gave in; I got a 7 year old rescue greyhound called Nancy. Taking her on walks out and about in the sunshine (and the rain) certainly helps to wind down after finishing work. When she isn’t being walked Nancy can invariably be found doing her other favourite past times…sleeping or eating! In fact she has a reputation at work as being a bit of a food thief having stolen a sandwich, a banana, cat food, diarrhoea tablets, a pasty, digestive biscuits, ryvita and beef flavoured anti-inflammatory tablets to name a few!! I have so far managed to resist the temptation to start a menagerie of animals (mainly thanks to my landlord allowing only one pet!) though I would be lying if I said I hadn’t been tempted a few times.

  Alex Sharp MRCVS – Veterinary Surgeon

After graduating from The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies in 2013, I started working in a small animal practice in Lincoln. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, but this year decided to come up north to God’s own country. I started at Holmefield in November 2016 and moved here with my partner and my cat ‘Scabby Abbie’. At work I love getting new and interesting soft tissue surgical cases and have a special interest in dermatology. When I am at home I love music, walking, cooking and all things food related!

Emma Noone MRCVS- Veterinary Surgeon
Daisy Copley MRCVS – Veterinary Surgeon

After graduating at the University of Nottingham I moved back up to my hometown in Cumbria where I originally worked as a mixed animal vet, I then transitioned to become a small animal only vet. After being there for six and a half years I moved to Yorkshire at the end of 2017 with my partner and my Chihuahua; Pepper (a vet rescue typical case- certainly a change from my usual breed of choice – Springer Spaniels!)
I enjoy all aspects of being a vet but have a particular interest in small animal Medicine. I also enjoy working with our feline companions, recently having worked towards and achieved the gold standard cat friendly clinic award at our Brayton surgery.

Anna Siodla MRCVS – Veterinary Surgeon

My name is Ania (“short” version of Anna) but I am used to people calling me Ana. I come from Poznan in Poland where I graduated even though most of my practical studies I did at the university in Lisbon, Portugal.
I always wanted to be a vet and I always liked traveling so that was no surprise to my family that I studied abroad and that I moved to UK afterwards. When I was a child I was bringing home all cats and birds that I found around. Then I was working with horses in my time off from school because I wanted to be a horse vet. I still did not decided where and doing what exactly I want to settle but I am here since October 2017 and I really adore Yorkshire.
I like time in the surgery but I also enjoy investigating cardiac and endocrinology cases. In my time off I enjoy trekking and climbing and in general everything that I can do outdoors. I like traveling but staying at home with good book and favourite music is sometimes the only thing I need.

Annika Tofferi MRCVS- Veterinary Surgeon
 imh Lisa Elliott RVN – Veterinary Nurse (Brayton).

I joined the Holmefield team back in 2003 as a trainee veterinary nurse and i’m still part of the team now, 10 years on (I must be doing something right for them to keep me all theses years!).I then went on and completed my qualification at The College of Animal Welfare and became a Registered Veterinary Nurse in 2007. I enjoy the variety that each day brings, you never know what interesting cases will come in and what lovey animals you will meet, my main interest at work is in the surgical aspects of nursing.I truely enjoy my job and cannot imagine what I would do if it didn’t involve nursing.I have two very bold dogs Kiera and Kolo.  Kolo is regular blood donor for Pet Blood Bank (he like to save lives) a tabby cat Mojo who live with my friend at the moment and two beautiful horses, Peggysue and Laila. My old girl Peggy at 24 years old is still going strong and I like to show her through the summer months and in the winter get her out to some hunter trails, altho she is now needing a little steadier way of life (not that she thinks so) Laila is my younger model that I bred from Peggy.  I was very lucky to witness the very special moment of been able to be at the birth and see her been born it only feels like yesterday but shes now 4 years old this summer and has started her ridden career, she has a lot to live up to!! I also enjoy getting her out to shows and hopefully in the next couple of years we can start to enjoy the odd couple of hunter trails.When I eventually get some spare time to myself which doesn’t involve walking the dogs and riding the horses I enjoy getting out with friends and having some fun.



Hannah Hannah Shooter BSc Hons RVN – Veterinary Nurse (Brayton)

I have been working part time at Holmefield since 2011 when I moved back to my northern roots after living down south for 6 years. I first moved from Selby in 2000 to study Animal Science Behavioural Studies at Lincoln University. From here, in 2003 I decided to follow on in the field of animals and start training as a veterinary nurse. I had always had an interest in veterinary work over the years, as my auntie worked as a nurse and I frequently followed her footsteps in various practices, doing work experience. I started my training at a practice in Newark Nottinghamshire, from here I travelled south to Maidenhead, Berkshire and Egham, Surrey where I completed my training and qualified in 2007. I worked at various veterinary hospitals in and around the Surrey/Berkshire area and in 2008 I also qualified from Hawksmoor hydrotherapy as a canine hydrotherapist. I worked at a hydrotherapy centre in Chiswick, West London for a year, rehabilitating dogs post surgery and for ongoing conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia. I then returned to nursing in 2009, working at a hospital in Guildford, Surrey. Whilst living in the south I lived on a 70ft narrowboat, first on the Thames and then on the River Wey and Godalming Navigation with my partner and daughter and Hobo the cat. My partner and I decided to move back to the north in 2010 when he had a change of job and Selby was the perfect location for us. We left our boat behind and sold it for someone else to enjoy and moved back onto dry land. Hobo obviously came with us too and has very much enjoyed being able to visit everybody in the street for food and is now on a continuous diet! I’m sure he will be thin again one day!

 kIRSTY  Kirsty Hannam RVN – Veterinary Nurse (Brayton and Sherburn).

Growing up in Sherburn, Holmefield provided veterinary care for the numerous dogs, cats, guinea pigs and rabbits I had throughout my childhood. When I was 17 I was lucky enough to be able to do work experience at the Sherburn surgery 2 days a week, whilst studying for my A-Levels. I was then offered a position working as a Receptionist/Nursing Assistant and jumped at the chance. After completing my A-levels I studied for 2 years at Askham Bryan College gaining a Foundation Degree in Animal Management. I continued to work for Holmefield throughout my Degree and it was then I decided that Veterinary Nursing was what I was meant to do. I just couldn’t imagine doing anything else. In March 2008 I moved to a Small Animal practice in York where I began my official career as a Veterinary Nurse. Finally, in March 2011 I received my qualification and registered as a Qualified Veterinary Nurse. I worked in York for 4 years before moving on to work in a mixed practice in Market Weighton where I got the opportunity to work with farm animals as well as small domestic pets. I eventually returned to Holmefield in September 2013 and it feels as if I’ve never been away. I enjoy all aspects of Veterinary Nursing, particularly running nurse clinics as I enjoy interacting with people and getting to know each pet individually. The team here are fantastic and I can’t imagine working with a nicer group of people.At home we have two cats Monty and Dominic. Dominic was adopted from Cats Protection League in York; He is very cheeky and mischievous and his distinct love of food, often gets him into trouble. He has even been known to eat his way into a packet of crumpets! Monty was adopted from Black Cat Rescue in Doncaster. He was unwanted as he is tailless and walks with a limp following an argument with a car. This doesn’t stop him however and he can happily keep up with Dominic and can often be spotted snoozing on top of the wardrobe.At the weekend I can often be found on a hockey pitch somewhere, playing for Tadcaster Ladies 2nd Team, something I have done for over 14 years.

 Staff Photo Emily Emily Knight RVN- Veterinary Nurse
   Alida Ellis RVN – Veterinary Nurse
   Heather Bates RVN – Veterinary Nurse
  Natalie Langdon – Student Veterinary Nurse
Rebecca Harrison – Veterinary Care  Assistant
Eleanor Nottingham – Student Veterinary Nurse
Eleanor Ames – Student Veterinary Nurse
Christine Friar Christine Friar – Receptionist(Brayton) 

Prior to working for Holmefield Vets I was previously employed in the banking industry, followed by a short spell of working for a computer software company. I joined the reception team at Holmefield back in 2004 as a part time receptionist and over a period of time have become almost full time.Our very first pet came via Holmefield and was a three legged black and white cat by the name of Kitey. He was a big softy and knew exactly how to get what he wanted. Sadly we no longer have Kitey but as with any pet, he played a big part in our lives and is still greatly missed.Both my husband and I love to travel and in 2013 we were fortunate enough to visit the Kruger National Park which was an amazing experience. We managed to see the famous ‘Big Five’ within the first couple of hours of being in the park, and had a close encounter with a couple of lions, but fortunately for us they had just eaten!Currently we do not have any pets, although my husband does keep checking out the Cats Protection League website!

Julie Fairweather Julie Fairweather – Receptionist (Brayton)

I started working for Holmefield Vets in May 2008 as a receptionist.  I have worked in various admin/clerical jobs and as a kitchen assistant in a care home.  Being part of the Holmefield team is both rewarding, educational and a privilege.  I am proud to be part of the Holmefield team and aware of the dedication and care that is given on a daily basis by all of the staff.

 Becky Massam Becky Jones – Receptionist (Brayton)

I have always loved being around animals. Growing up we always had dogs and many litters of puppies to help deliver. I had guinea pigs and rabbits and spent much of my time looking after them. I started working in a veterinary practice when I was 18. I joined Holmefield Vets in 2009 as part of the reception team.  I finished my Animal Nursing Qualification (which I started at a previous veterinary practice) and then spent a couple of years as part of the nursing team. After returning from maternity leave I started working on reception again as I enjoy helping out our clients with their questions and meeting all the lovely animals that come to see us. When I’m not at work I have three boys and a husband to run around after. We also have two dogs, one cat, two rabbits, one guinea pig and various fish. So as you can imagine it’s not a quiet house.

IMAG0117 Stephanie Roberts – Receptionist (Sherburn-in-Elmet)

After being a client for many years I joined The Holmefield Team in 2010 on a temporary basis covering maternity leave, many moons and several Sunday dinners later I am still here!

My home is currently a small furry free zone, however my partner and I look after Molly and Daisy occasionally (my sister-in-laws two Yorkiepoos) whilst she travels abroad.

When I’m not working, dog walking or trying my best to do a bit of exercise you’ll find me in a small inland pueblo in Spain soaking up the sun with a cold glass of Sangria.

 Alison Alison Wolstonhome – Receptionist/Animal Care Assistant (Brayton).

Alison has been with the practice since 2008, mainly as a ‘hands-on’ receptionist but also as an Animal Nursing Assistant, and is currently undertaking a professional qualification in this role. She has previously worked as a qualified horse riding instructor and at an equine-specific veterinary practice, as well as having admin experience in a large multi-national company. Alison has a wide variety of pets including 3 horses/ponies, a rescued blind Border Collie, 3 cats including a rescue with only 3 legs, guinea pigs and she keeps and breeds a variety of reptiles including Madagascar Day geckos, cornsnakes, ratsnakes and variety of morph and locality boas.

Julie Sprott Julie Sprott – Receptionist (Brayton)

I have always worked in a customer service based job. Prior to starting work at Holmefield I worked for a veterinary wholesaler in Dumfries for 11 years. Then on relocating to Selby I worked in the NHS for 2 years. I joined Holmefield as a full time receptionist. I reduced my hours to part time in 2008 when I had my son.I grew up having pets, mainly cats, and we currently have Harvey an 12 year old tabby house cat.

Jessica Quarmby – Receptionist. (Brayton and Sherburn)

I joined the Holmefield family in November 2016. I have always been very animal orientated, and over the years I have grown up with a number of pets ranging from hamsters to horses. At home we currently have a German shorthaired pointer, 6 cats, 3 rabbits, 4 horses and a lot of fish in the pond! For us, this is quite a small number of animals…while I do love all animals great and small; my horses are my entire world. I thoroughly enjoy competing, especially eventing. So far, the highlight has to be my experience of a lifetime, competing at Badminton at Grassroots level in 2013. Nothing beats going out for a ride to clear your head and it is fantastic because my dog Lexi loves to come out with us and run alongside. On the rare occasion that I am not cuddling a rabbit or cat, I love being outside, especially when it involves either walking the dog or cycling with her.

  Dawn Doherty – Receptionist. (Brayton)
Charlotte O’Neil – Receptionist (Brayton).

I started working at Holmefield in January 2018 as part of the reception team. Before working here I worked as a Teaching Assistant in a primary school for 3 years and have also worked in an office environment prior to this.
I have always had a passion for animals and grew up around pets. We had guinea pigs from a young age as well as two Jack Russell terriers. Since leaving home and buying a house with my other half we now own three lovely Dachshunds; Barney, Bella and Penny who we couldn’t imagine life without!
In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my dogs and taking them for walks along the riverbank, travelling and spending time with my family and friends.

Laura Green – Receptionist (Brayton).

I joined the team at Holmefield in February 2018. I have always loved working around animals and prior to joining Holmefield Vets I worked in an equine veterinary practice in West Yorkshire for six years. The team at Holmefield have been very welcoming and are a great bunch of people. Outside of work I spend most of my time looking after my five horses. Belgian warmblood George is currently my show jumping partner and we compete at every opportunity possible. As well as the horses we have a Cocker Spaniel called Poppy and an English Pointer called Eadie who enjoy walks with me and my partner in the Lake District.

  Gwyneth Stephenson – Accounts Payable