Our Culture

Professionalism – From each initial enquiry, through to the successful outcome of our patients’ treatment, we will, as a united team, help all our clients in a friendly, confident and courteous way to make the right choices for their pets. We can be trusted to professionally deliver best practice care with efficiency and consistency and will encourage continuity of care. We will only recommend products and services that we are happy to endorse through positive experience.

Quality of Service – Everything we do will represent quality and value for money. The treatment we provide will be in the best interests of our patients and we will deliver this with confidence.  We recognise the relationship between our patients and their owners and through appreciation of this bond we will ensure value and satisfaction.

Satisfaction – Our clients can have peace of mind through knowing that we will only be satisfied once they are.  We will give clear advice in all areas of preventative health and animal care and our patients will receive the right treatment at the right time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whilst some situations will inevitably end in the loss of a patient, our clients can be satisfied that we have done our best and have worked with them to ensure quality of life and minimise suffering.

Compassion – Our patients are the most important members of our practice and we will always treat them with respect, putting their needs before our own or those of others. We will use our own experience as pet owners to offer our clients support and comfort when required and will always treat our patients as if they were our own.

Communication – We will build strong relationships with our clients, take the time to listen and understand and will ensure that we explain each diagnosis and treatment plan in a format that all can follow. We will keep our clients informed of realistic outcomes and costs and will update owners of in-patients regularly, ensuring that they remain involved and in control of their pets’ on-going care. We will employ timely internal communication to achieve consistency of service, inclusion of all team members and appropriate sharing of knowledge and ideas.

Teamwork – The strength of our team as a whole is greater than a sum of all the individuals and we will work together to fulfil the vision and mission of our practice. We will support, respect and trust each other and utilise our individual strengths and skills, whilst maintaining the ability to react to situations and change our roles to suit. We will fulfil our roles willingly, remain positive and focused on the job in hand and take responsibility for our actions, whilst recognising how our individual performance and behaviour can impact on the team.

Education –To maintain our standards and embrace developing techniques and treatment options, we will be supportive of CPD and encourage the sharing of knowledge amongst our team.  We will share our knowledge with our clients and encourage education to improve the health and quality of life of all our patients.

Pride – We are proud of the work of the practice, the achievements of our team and the positive impact we have on the lives of our patients and their families. We go home each day knowing that we have done our best for ourselves and all those who depend on us.

Success – We will achieve success for our clients and patients through the provision of optimum preventative health advice, correct and timely diagnosis and treatment, stabilising and effectively managing chronic disease, reducing suffering and offering value for money. Our team will recognise success through building positive relationships with each other and our clients, improving our knowledge and skills, a feeling of security and enhanced job satisfaction. Success for the practice will be demonstrated through long term client relationships and joint loyalty, allowing for stability, growth and re-investment.

Job satisfaction – Job satisfaction is vital for all members of our team and through this we will work more effectively together for the mutual benefit of our patients and clients. We feel valued by our colleagues and give and receive positive feedback. We have confidence that we have worked to the best of our ability in a happy, supportive and stimulating environment. We develop strong relationships with our clients, do our best and achieve the right results.  We learn from each other, make a difference and enjoy the daily challenges of our work.

Growth – To continue to achieve our standards of service, the practice must grow and progress to allow for investment in premises, facilities, knowledge and our team. We must move forwards through enhancing our client base and improving their loyalty and understanding of the services we offer, both in sickness and in health.

Strength – The strength of our practice is a combination of our dedicated and professional team, our positive relationships with our clients and our shared desire to see all pets live long, happy and healthy lives. We stand out from other local practices through our continued commitment to providing 24hr care delivered by our own team in familiar surroundings and continually strive to offer new services to enhance the lives of our patients.