Your Dog

A dog is a much loved addition to any home. They provide fun, love and happiness to you and your family. Knowing a little more about your dog’s needs and requirements can help you (and us) to ensure they are able to live a long and care free life and avoid disease and illness wherever possible. If your dog is vaccinated and wormed regularly you can prevent many serious and life threatening diseases from affecting your dog. Having a well socialised dog is the key to owning a happy stress free dog. The links on this page are designed to provide an informative, easy to understand guide on some of the main areas of care that affect your family pooch.

  1. Your Dog
  2. Socialising your puppy
  3. Insurance & Identichips
  4. Neutering your dog
  5. Feeding your dog
  6. External parasites
  7. Worming your dog
  8. Vaccinating your dog