Feeding Your Pet

At Holmefield we recommend your pet is fed a good quality complete diet designed for your pets’ age and lifestyle.

When you first bring your puppy or kitten home, it is a good idea to stick to the feeding regime that they are used to. This should help smooth the transition into your home. We would then recommend that you choose a good quality complete food that is designed to meet the nutritional needs of your pets age and lifestyle. We recommend Hills VetEssentials for this reason.

To change from the original diet to the new one, you should gradually introduce the new diet over a minimum of five days, by increasing the new diet gradually, whilst at the same time reducing the old. After a week or so of doing this your pet should be eating the new complete diet happily.

It is essential to feed a food that is matched to your pet at each stage of its life. The table below outlines a good feeding regime.

Dogs that will reach an adult weight of more than 25kg should be fed a large breed diet throughout their lives.

Pets should not have their food left down all day as this encourages snacking behaviour and obesity. Also on hot summer day’s food can become stale or contaminated. In order to prevent this the food should be offered for 10–15 minutes only. If in this time the food is not eaten, then it should be taken away and placed in a refrigerator or disposed of. Your pet will soon learn that food is only available at certain times of the day, and only for short periods of time and eat their food readily.