Cat Friendly Clinic

We are a GOLD accredited ‘Cat Friendly Clinic’

As cat owners ourselves, we understand that bringing your cat into the surgery is stressful for all concerned, so we hope that this news will reduce your concerns and reassure you that at Holmefield, everything possible is being done to make the experience a positive one.

We recognize that cats are not small dogs and they have their own special requirements, so we have considered their needs during the design of our new improved Brayton premises and put measures in place to minimise stress when they visit us.

The International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) is the veterinary division of International Cat Care, which is a charity that has been working hard for over 60 years towards a world where all cats (whether they have an owner or not) are treated with care, compassion and understanding. They have created a voluntary scheme where veterinary practices can be acknowledged for their commitment to cats and we are delighted to have been awarded the highest GOLD recognition at our Brayton surgery.




The benefits Holmefield now promise your cat are as follows:-

  • A screened ‘cat only’ waiting area at Brayton to minimise contact with dogs, incorporating our Cat Park which enables baskets to be positioned above ground level in enclosed ‘safe’ spaces. We also provide towels sprayed in a natural calming pheromone which can be used to cover baskets while cats wait for their appointment, all helping to reduce anxiety and increase feelings of security. 
  • Cat only consulting periods – these are run on a Wednesday lunch time by our vet Daisy Copley, who has a keen interest in feline medicine and has been instrumental in getting our Cat Friendly status up and running. Our feline consulting room offers a dog free zone, with pheromone diffusers again reinforcing the calm atmosphere.
  • Feline advocates working within the practice – Whilst it goes without saying that all our team love cats, Daisy and our nurses Emily and Alida are our feline advocates. They are fully versed in all things cat and have many techniques up their sleeve for ensuring that cats visiting the surgery can express their normal behaviour and take any necessary examinations in their stride.
  • A new cat ward with a quiet, relaxing environment in which our patients can recover from surgery or illness in comfort. It is away from the hustle and bustle of our busy practice but allows for close supervision and monitoring of patients by our nursing team. Careful cage selection means that everything has been catered for to offer as much of a home from home as possible. Cat friendly forts are available for cats to climb on and hide in and we use pheromone diffusers here too.
  • Thoughtful cat handling – understanding why cats do what they do helps us to handle them in specific ways to ensure that they stay calm, thus enabling us to examine and treat them with the minimum of fuss. Such simple things as avoiding direct eye contact,  allowing cats to come out of their baskets and check out the consulting room for themselves and the sequencing of our clinical examination can make huge positive differences and as we know
  • Happy cats = happy owners + happy vets



We hope you agree that this initiative is no less than our cats deserve and we promise to continue to tailor our services to their needs. If you would like to know more about Cat Friendly Clinics or are interested in simple techniques you can employ from home to help your cats cope with a trip to the vets, there is lots of useful information available at

See also our Cattitude client handout for tips on how to make your cats visit more relaxed.