Building Progress May 2017


The builders are working hard and we have a date to move into the new part of the building of the 19th June.  Whilst this is very exciting , the work continues.  Once we take over the new building we will be giving them all the space we are currently occupying so they can renovate that as well.  So bear with us….

We appreciate your cooperation in this mammoth upheaval and hats off to all the staff at Holmefield that are working exceptionally well in their confined space.

With this in mind we though we should remind everyone why we are doing this.  Whilst it doesn’t look much at the minute we are very excited to get our hands on the finished product.

Under all this protective blue covering is White rock which is a hygienic wipeable wall covering  which covers all our clinical areas and will help us keep infectious agents under control.

The space In the wall is for a pass through – this allows instruments and supplies to be passed through to theatre without compromising sterility so it will help reduce the risk of infections

We have an upstairs. This has no particular benefit apart from helping us meet our Fitbit floor target. However on a serious note, it allows us access to the new staff accommodation upstairs.

Large spacious staff room and kitchen.  This will help our staff relax and recuperate during their breaks so they can provide the best service to you and your pets

Light and spacious vet room to enable the vets to catch up with their admin and speak with clients.



Arguably the most important driver for the extension and renovation was to add overnight facilities for our vets and nurses to enable them to care for any patients that need intensive care through the night.  Here is the start of the bathroom and overnight rooms that will help improve our out of ours provision.  Less and less veterinary practices are providing an out of hours service themselves but we know how important this is to our patients and clients so we are enhancing our offering.

All new cabling .  Our very own spaghetti junction.  This will support our existing  IT system and enhance our telephone system to help provide better call handling.

Upgraded kennel facilities.  This is part of the original building that has been stripped out and refitted.  We have always had the benefit of a separate dog, cat and isolation ward but these are now much improved with the new Whiterock walls for ease of cleaning and they will all now have piped oxygen to assist with any critical cases if needed.