A trip down memory lane ………

Way way back (in the 1970s!) in a garage on Moss Green Lane, Holmefield Veterinary Clinic was born……………


In those days, the practice was known as Forsyth and Mazonas, after the founding partners Dougie Forsyth and David Mazonas and it provided veterinary care to all species large and small, with particular interests in both pigs and horses.  The care of small animals occupied only a small percentage of the vets’ time and it wasn’t until the 1980’s, when the practice moved to it’s new purpose built premises on the corner of Holmefield Close, that the balance between farm work and small animal work started to shift.

Over the years, advances in veterinary medicine and the increasing specialisation in knowledge and skills, increases in patient numbers (particularly dogs and cats) and an ever expanding need for space, prompted the original practice to divided into 2 practices :-

Holmefield Veterinary Clinic (as we now know it) providing care for small animals

And Holmefield Farm Services who look after farm animals from their base in Murton near York.


Our building was way ahead of it’s time in the 1980s and served us well over the years but as our demand for space grew, it was starting to bulge at the seams (plus was in need of some TLC and a definite face lift) so after what seemed like a lifetime of planning (in reality about 2 years), work began in October 2016 and our fantastic new facilities slowly but surely emerged.

We have settled into our new space so well that it is already hard to remember how things were, far less how we coped, but as they say a few pictures tell a thousand words, so here are a few before and after shots!



Where is all started

The second floor goes on the extention.

The roof goes on the extension

The cladding gives the old building a facelift.

















Its hard to believe how much our reception has changed!

In the 2000’s

Our new reception desk





New Reception with separate cat waiting area













We have moved the dispensary to join the lab behind the consult rooms.

The old dispensary used to live behind reception

Our new dispensary has moved behind the consult rooms

Our lab back in its old location but with improved surroundings and networking.


















Our amazing new ‘prep room’ is the central hub of our surgical facilities. It is larger and brighter  and offers all the most up to date floor and wall coverings to ensure optimal infection control.

Old prep room

New Prep










We now have two lovely new operating theatres which benefit from a more closely controlled environment, wipe clean wall coverings and brighter lighting.

Theatre before

Our new theatre











Our new Xray and imaging room incorporates a moveable Bucky table to speed up and improve the comfort of our patients during radiography, plus digital developing of xrays.


Like all other areas of the practice, all the services are hidden, so cleanliness and sterility are more easily maintained.

Old Xray Room

New Xray room










Dental room

The old dental room was within a thoroughfare, so lacked peace and quiet and the table was a standard operating table.

We now have the luxury of a ‘tub’ table which allows water to freely drain away during dental procedures, meaning that our patients are more comfortable during the procedure and we can more easily maintain optimal body temperatures during dental procedures carried out under general anaesthesia.

Old Dental room

New Dental room with tub table











Our canine patients benefit from a much lighter and more open ward during their stay.

Old Kennels

New Kennels











We are so proud of the added comforts our new cat ward offers

  • A quiet haven away from the noise and hustle and bustle
  • Cats cannot so each other so feel less threatened and more secure
  • Toughened glass doors to improve infection control
  • Easily accessible from the Prep Room for monitoring and nursing care
  • Piped oxygen  facilities for those cats requiring oxygen therapy
  • Complies with ISFM ‘Cat friendly’ guidelines

    Old Cattery

New Cattery design to meet ISFM ‘Cat friendly’ guidelines